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Medication Management

This includes review of all current medications, education on medications, upkeep of refills, and collaborating with ordering provider for issues. 

Nurse with Protective Mask

Health Monitoring & Support

Phone check-ins between visits to keep you on track with your healthcare goals.

Assistance with creating obtainable health goals & ACHIEVING those goals.

Devices provided to help meet goals such as blood pressure monitors, scales, & glucose monitors.

Happy Doctor

Case Management

We have a team of case managers & social workers that assisting with your care coordination needs. 

Care coordination means working with multiple physicians, pharmacies, rehabs, & other outside entities to ensure your healthcare needs are met. 

We customize a plan of care specifically for you & your needs. 

"I enjoy having an extra set of eyes on my dad's healthcare. Proficient Healthcare Solutions has been an incredible resource since I do not live in the same state as my dad. His nurse keeps me up to date on all his healthcare changes"

"I had a hard time keeping up with my appointments and medicines. My nurse keeps everything in order for me. He calls me at least twice a month & talks to all my doctors"

"I needed assistance getting my blood pressure & weight controlled while traveling for work. Proficient Healthcare provided me with a health coach, monitoring devices, came up with a plan for me to meet my goal, & communicated with my doctors. 

I was able to speak with a dietician to setup meal plans & a social worker to help me with the costs of my medicines."

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