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Ways To Help Your Patients Understand What Comprehensive Care Management Is All About

We all know that healthcare is changing, but it can be hard to keep up with all the new terminology. One term you should definitely become familiar with is “comprehensive care management,” or CCM for short. The goal of comprehensive care management is to help patients who have multiple chronic conditions live their lives to the fullest by addressing those conditions in a holistic way. If done properly, CCM can lead to better outcomes than simply treating one condition at a time – which most patients do not understand until they experience it firsthand.

What is chronic care management?

It’s all about assisting patients with multiple chronic conditions to live their lives to the fullest. Chronic care management (CCM) is a way of managing patients with multiple chronic conditions and coordinating their care across the healthcare system, from primary care to specialty providers and hospitals. The goal is not only quality of life, but also improved outcomes for patients diagnosed with debilitating diseases. CCM can be used in many situations: whether you are working with a patient who has just been diagnosed or one who has been living with their condition for years!

Once a patient qualifies, your staff will have to have a conversation with the patient about their expectations and those of the practice. When patients enroll in CCM, they can expect:

  • To receive better care from fewer providers.

  • An ability to make appointments online or by phone for urgent and routine visits.

  • More coordination between primary care providers and specialists (if appropriate).

  • More communication between your office staff and the patient's other healthcare providers (if appropriate).

If applicable:

In addition to better access to care, patients who participate in Comprehensive Care Management have also said they appreciate receiving an explanation of how much they will pay per month for their plan as well as any potential copays before making any commitment.

Now that you have a better understanding of what CCM is, it's time to explain the who, what and how of CCM to your patients.

  • Who? This is where you introduce yourself as a CCM provider, but also make sure to mention that others on your team are also available for care coordination. Letting them know there are multiple people involved helps patients understand that this isn't something new or strange—it's just an extension of their existing relationship with you!

  • What? You want to be able to explain exactly what can be expected from both sides when working with a CCM provider. Questions may include: "What does this mean?" "What do I need?" "And how does it affect my care?"

  • How? After answering those initial questions, discuss how both sides contribute towards reaching goals through collaboration between doctor(s) and patient(s). From there you can explain the who, what and why behind providing comprehensive care management services—in other words: why is it important?

The more your staff knows about chronic care management, the better they are equipped to help patients understand why it’s a good thing for them.

  • Staff should understand the benefits of CCM for the patient.

  • Staff should understand the benefits of the practice.

  • Staff should understand the benefits for a patient's family.

  • And finally, staff should understand the benefits for each community as a whole.

The relationship between you and your patients will be enhanced as a result of focusing on chronic care management.

Patients will be more engaged in their care, which translates into better outcomes for everyone involved. Studies have shown that patients who fully understand their treatment plans and participate actively in their own healthcare experience better outcomes than those who do not.

Patients are also more motivated to make lifestyle changes when they have a better understanding of their health and the financial impact of their chronic conditions.

Understanding CCM is key to helping patients improve their quality of life.

CCM helps patients with multiple chronic conditions manage their health better by coordinating care across all providers in order to avoid potential gaps in care that might lead to missed appointments or other problems down the line. This improves communication between patients and providers, but it also gives you as a provider more time for things like teaching new skills and answering questions about medications--both important parts of helping someone improve their overall health!

We hope we've given you a better understanding of what comprehensive care management is all about. If you want to learn more, email us at or call us at 601.863.0258 for more information on how we can help your patients improve their health and well-being!

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