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Chronic Care Management Could Save Your Patients Thousands Of Dollars

Chronic Care Management is a new way of treating chronic illnesses through the use of technology and care coordination. It helps you manage your patients' health better by providing education, support, and tools to help them better manage their condition

Patients Can Save Thousands Under Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management is a big deal. It's a really big deal. Chronic care management, or CCM for short, can save your patients thousands of dollars each year. Patients who are under CCM can save thousands through coordinated care and chronic disease management by having better patient outcomes and fewer hospitalizations.

You might be wondering how this works, so we'll dig into it!

  • Reduce costs for patients by incentivizing them to be more conscious of their health, and therefore reduce the need for emergency treatment.

  • Improve outcomes for patients by providing them with accessible care that meets their needs in a timely manner, decreasing mortality rates and hospital stays.

  • Inform patients about Chronic Care Management so they know what it is and what it can do for them! This will save chronic patients money long-term because they won't have to go through as many treatments or surgeries when they're suffering from something like diabetes or heart disease that requires regular checkups or medication refills.

Through Coordinated Care

Coordinated care is a way to help patients manage their chronic conditions. By coordinating the care of your patients with other providers, you can improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs. Coordinated care also helps patients get the right treatment at the right time, which makes it easier for them to manage their chronic conditions successfully.

Better Patient Outcomes And Fewer Hospitalizations

  • The first thing to know about chronic care management is that it's not just for patients with chronic illnesses. It can help you get the most out of life in general and will save you money on costs associated with hospitalizations, which are usually related to preventable diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

  • If your patients have a chronic illness that has resisted treatment or keeps coming back, then a chronic care manager can help them get the care they need. As part of your team, they can guide you through making sure that every aspect of their health is taken care of: physical exercise therapy (and maybe even some fun activities), diet changes, medication compliance...the list goes on and on! And there's no better feeling than being able to take control over your own body again after being told by doctors that nothing else could be done for years on end.*

Chronic Care Management can save money for patients and insurers.

A recent study of patients with chronic diseases showed that when they were given a care manager, their health outcomes improved significantly. Patients who received care management had:

  • Lower hospital admission rates

  • Fewer emergency room visits

  • More medication adherence and better blood pressure control

If you are a health care provider who provides chronic care management and want to save your patients a significant amount of money, give us a call at 601.863.0258 or send us an email to

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